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Variety: Sudan Rume

Process: Natural

Drying: sun and mechanical driers

Elevation: 1100-1300 MASL

Farm: Fazenda Santuário Sul

Producer: Luiz Paulo Dias Pereira Filho

Region: Carmo de Minas, Minas Gerais

Origin: Brazil

Notes: Starfruit, Plum, Honey


Sudan Rume is an ancient variety originating in South Sudan, known for being exceptionally delicious, but it’s not a popular commercial variety in the past because it is super high maintenance, but yields very small harvests. We consider this the "mother" of many coffees as it is often used to breed new hybrid varieties. What better time to feature this coffee than the month of May, to celebrate the mother figures everywhere?

This Sudan Rume is attention-grabbing and spectacular. It’s one of the most pristine expressions of the intersection of cultivar, process, and terroir, and it’s just far too easy to drink.

The uncommonly cultivated landrace – often used as an ingredient in hybrids rather than grown commercially – is a perfect example of Luiz’s creativity, innovative techniques and exceptional location. Santuário Sul is Luiz Paulo’s variety garden and experimental farm, a 300-acre tract with 30 cultivated varieties of coffee and a legacy as Cup of Excellence and Carmo Best Cup winner

Brazil Luis Paulo Pereira Natural Sudan Rume

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