Variety: Paraiso MG2

Process: Natural

Origin: Brazil

Region: Cerrado Mineiro

Sub-Region: Campos Altos

Farm: Paredao

Altitude: 1100-1206 masl

Produced by: Marcelo Nogueira & Flavio Marcio Silva


Cerrado Mineiro is known to produce incredible coffees because of its high plateaus and rich biodiversity. Marcelo and Flávio started their Bioma Estate here to produce specialty coffee, with a focus on exotic varietals such as the Paraiso. They are very detail-oriented about the production and quality of coffees. At harvesting season, the coffees are separated by lot, varietals, and harvest date, and the lots will only mix after their strict sensory tests to ensure cup uniformity. All the harvested coffees are processed in the farm's own dry/wet mill facilities, ensuring quality control and sustainable practices from beginning to end.


With great cup quality and classic character, this is a reliable everyday coffee to keep you and your guests happily caffeinated!


Notes: Apple, Chocolate Rolled Wafer Cookie

Brazil Marcelo & Flavio (notes: Apple, Chocolate Rolled Wafer Cookie)

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