Varietal: Red Bourbon

Process: Double fully washed

Producer: Zuberi Matsitsi

Region: Kayanza

Country: Burundi

Elevation: 1650-1800 MASL


Businde is a coffee washing station situated in a beautiful valley in the Kayanza District of Burundi, surrounded by a serene hillside and lush greenery. It has been in operation for over 10 years and has won the Cup of Excellence.


Unlike many other washing stations in Burundi and Rwanda, where it is more common for smallholder farmers to sell coffee cherries to, Businde has its own plot of coffee plants that's up and coming, and producer Zuberi Matsitsi can oversee the quality of production. With only the ripest cherries being selected, the coffee here is exceptionally sweet, well-processed and the facilities are incredibly clean.


The double fully washed process creates a crisp and clean cup, maintaining the deep sweetness with complex layers of flavours as the cup cools.

Burundi Businde (notes: Blackberry, Plum, Black Currant)

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