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Notes: Golden Raisin, Haskap Berry, Kyoho Grape, Cinnamon

Variety: Bourbon

Process: Natural

Producer: Hafi Coffee

Elevation: 1715 MASL

Region: Muyinga province

Origin: Burundi


The remotest of the remote! The producers of Hafi Coffee travel more than a day's journey to deliver their freshly harvested coffees to the nearest wet mill, which is another 6 hours' journey from the capital. These remote producers have become masters of the natural process - they developed a controlled 72hr anaerobic fermentation that gives the coffee a jammy, wonderfully complex flavours. The group of farmers named themselves Hafi - as it means "close", representing their dream to one day have their own washing station nearby.

We purchased this particular lot, GC05, via the Grand Cru Brurundi auction held by JNP, whose goal has been to empower women producers, improve their financial literacy, education for them and their children, and invest in clean water solutions. They provide all their producers with a Dashimi ("thankful" in Kirundi) bonus second payment based on their coffee quality, which allows women to pay for their children's education, invest in the coffee farms, and save money for their families for the first time.

This coffee has a crisp golden raisin and Kyoho Grape fruit note, yet takes to the depth with a comforting spice character and ample sweetness. What a treat of a coffee, an unusual gem we were lucky enough to discover!

Burundi Muyinga Hafi Bourbon Natural Auction Lot GC05

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