Varietal: Colombia

Process: Washed

Fermentation Time: 24 hours

Drying Method: Parabolic Covered Patio

Drying Time: 8 days


Producer: Jairo Efrain Paz Suarez

Region: Chachugui, Nariño

Country: Colombia

Elevation: 1950 MASL

Notes: Mandarin Orange, Maple Syrup, Canned Fruit Cocktail


Producer Jairo Paz Suarez was working in the US as an Electrical Engineer, and began his coffee growing journey after returning home to take care of his family. He inherited land from his late father and started his coffee farm. The steep terrain and pandemic made it very challenging to hire workers, but Jairo managed to produce this beautiful microlot to sustain the operation.

Colombia Finca El Trebol Washed