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Variety: Sidra

Process: Washed

Fermentation: 48hr in cherry,

60hr depulped

Drying: 15-20 days, covered patios

Producer: Frank Torres

Farm: La Indonesia

Altitude: 1750-1850 masl
Region: Narino, La Union

Origin: Colombia

Notes: Floral, Pomelo, Vanilla Cake, Scrumptious


Thanks to the efforts of farmers like Frank, this area has been transformed from one of illicit trade and violence, into a resilient community dedicated to growing specialty coffee.

This farm is a Torres family inheritance known for exceptional coffee production for over 40 years. Frank has inherited a part of this farm and is in charge of overseeing all processing and farming practices. He is a Q grader who has been passionate about coffee ever since he was young. He started his coffee career by working for a Starbucks' specialty coffee program, as well as a green coffee buyer for exporters and importers. This network of experience has helped him push the boundaries of processing, making his farm one of the most unique and innovative in Colombia. His continuous efforts to improve farming practices has helped him turn 90% of his farm organic as way to preserve soil conditions and protect his crops from plague and devastation.


Frank's coffees have continued to exceed our expectations and we are so proud to serve his different lots and varieties in recent years. This coffee is the sought-after Sidra variety, with so much complexity, refinement, clarity, and deep sweetness!

Colombia Frank Torres Sidra Washed, Limited Edition