Varietal: Yellow & Red Colombia

Process: Washed, with 24hr Reposado fermentation (+48hr fermentation in tank)

Drying Method: Parabolic Huila-styled raised beds

Drying Time: 25 days


Producer: Gilberto Rojas

Farm: La Florida

Department: Acevedo

Municipality: Huila

Country: Colombia

Elevation: 1650 MASL


Huila is home to some of the best terroir for growing high quality coffee in Colombia. This small lot coffee normally would have been sold locally for very low prices and mixed into large, non-traceable regional blends. By helping to keep their lot separate and access the specialty coffee market, our green bean importer makes a difference for farmers like Gilberto, ensuring they are paid fairly for their coffees and be proud of the quality they produce with their hard work.


Although all our coffee offerings can be served as espresso (and you will find them either on rotation as Main Espresso or on our Sunday Special Tasting Menu), this Colombian Gilberto Rojas microlot is a designated espresso for some of our drinks, and loved for its robust flavours.


Tasting Notes: Cherry, Roasted Almond, Dark Chocolate

Colombia Gilberto Rojas Lot 1 (notes: Cherry, Roasted Almond, Dark Chocolate)

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