1300m Central Valley, Costa Rica
 Farm: Hacienda Sonora
 Prod. by Alberto & Diego Guardia

 Variety: SL-28

 Process: Natural

 Drying Time: 15 Days on Patio, Several Hours Mechanical
 Notes: Hami Melon, Mikan Orange, Sweet Almond


The farm has focused exclusively on specialty coffee since 1999. Alberto purchased his own mill and invested extensively in developing unique processing methods that maximize sweetness and complexity in his coffees. Alberto's son, Diego, has been the comanager at Hacienda Sonora since 2011 and is actively involved in starting innovative projects at the farm.


SL-28 is a well known and highly regarded variety popular in Kenya, and being grown in Costa Rican soil gives it a juicy but well-rounded and nicely balanced character!

Costa Rica Sonora SL-28 Natural

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