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Variety: Yellow Catuai

Process: Natural

Drying: 30 days raised beds

Producer: Jose Luis Eguiguren

Farm: Hacienda Santa Gertrudis

Elevation: 1620-1720 MASL
Region: Vilcabamba, Loja
Origin: Ecuador


Hacienda Santa Gertrudis has been in the family for over one hundred years, located south of the Ecuadorian Andes in the buffer zome of the Podocarpus National Park and just a few minutes away from Vilcabamba, a world famous location for its pleasan weather and longevity of it's inhabitants.

Luis Emilio Eguiguren was the first to plant coffee in Hacienda Santa Gertrudis back in 1954, with sole production focused on commercial coffee then. Today, Jose Luis Eguiguren, the third generation of coffee producer at Hacienda Santa Gertrudis, is focused solely on specialty coffee. The entire Hacienda sits on 60 hectares of land, of which 9 are currently planted with coffee.

Santa Gertrudis is a fully equipped wet and dry mill, able to process it's own coffee production as well as provide support and opportunity to neighbouring coffee producers. Jose Luis has supported the connection of many highly talented coffee producers who are focused on intentional coffees and regenerative agricultural practices. This support has resulted in increased economic stability throughout the local community nearby Vilcabamba and beyond.

We enjoy this coffee for its unique flavour experience and its comforting character!

Ecuador Santa Gertrudis Yellow Catuai Natural