Varietal: Dega, Wolisho, and unidentified heirloom varietals

Process: Washed

Drying Method: African raised beds

Drying Time: 10-13 days


Producer: Smallholder farmers

Region: Dimtu, West Guji

Country: Ethiopia

Elevation: 2100 MASL


Farmers grow a mixture of naturally organic Ethiopian Heirloom varietals in their small garden plots and  bring their coffee cherries to the washing station run by Israel Degfa in the Dimtu area of Guji for processing. They might not have any idea about the varietal or flavour of the coffees that grow in their gardens. It's definitely a hidden treasure for us to discover!


This is one of our most beloved coffee of all times. We had the same lots last year with meyer lemon, black tea, and honey notes. This year's harvest has the same high level of sweetness, with notes of Gamay Grape, Lime Candy, and a deep sweet finish resembling Fudge.

Ethiopia Hambela Dimtu (notes: gamay grape, lime candy, fudge)

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