Varietal: Heirlooms
Process: Washed; 30-48 hours fermentation
Drying Method: African raised beds
Drying Time: 8-12 days

Producer: Tadesse Edema
Area: Kercha
Region: West Guji
Country: Ethiopia
Elevation: 1900 MASL


Producer Tadesse Edema is a third generation coffee grower. To him, coffee is life, and he believes in extending this life that coffee gives. He worked hard to build up his farms and washing stations so he could provide employment, and build roads and schools for people in his community. We feature coffee from Tadesse from both West Guji (Taba Station) and East Guji (Anasora Natural)!


This Washed-process coffee, with notes of Peach, Red Grape, Green Apple, Honey, is deeply sweet yet refreshing, perfect for the Springtime! We love this coffee both as a Pure Coffee Hand Brew and Espresso-based drink!

Ethiopia Taba Station (Notes: Peach, Red Grape, Green Apple, Honey)

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