This is what we use to brew our Pure Coffee at Sought and Found.

We consider the Hario Switch an upgraded Hario V60, with a switch that can stop or allow flow when desired. This is truly the one dripper we need to experiment and employ techniques of both immersion (switch closed) and pourover (switch open) to optimize extraction for different coffees.


If you wish to know how we brew with the Hario Switch, email us at We are also working on a free online tutorial video. Stay tuned!


This comes with 40 sheets of Hario V60-02 paper filters. You may want to pick up the refill also:



  • Practical Capacity: 240ml
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Heatproof Glass Dripper
  • Stainless Steel Ball
  • PCT Resin Switch
  • Silicone Rubber Base
  • AS Resin Lid
  • All Parts Made in Japan
  • Includes 40 V60-02 filters

HARIO V60 Switch Immersion Dripper

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