Variety: Pluma

Process: Carbonic maceration with Champagne yeast fermentation; Washed

Producer: Enrique López

Farm: Finca Chelin

Region: La Candelaria Loxicha, Oaxaca

Country: Mexico

Elevation: 1650 MASL


Fermentation Time: 36hr carbonic maceration in cherry + 36hr carbonic maceration after depulping + 24hr champagne yeast

Drying Method: Sun dried on beds

Drying Time: 3 days sunlight + 25 days shaded


Producer Enrique López is a pioneer of innovative experimental processes, with the goal of achieving unique and sophicated profiles that are well balanced, sweet, and super clean. This is how we would describe the Finca Chelin Champagne, with notes of Yuzu, Fresh Tobacco, Nutmeg, and Caramel, we find ourselves drinking this coffee non-stop, for its chuggability is high. It is dangerous.

Mexico Finca Chelin Pluma Champagne Washed

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