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Varietal: Maracaturra

Process: Natural

Drying Method: Sun dried on beds

Drying Time: 21-25 days


Farm: Los Pinos

Producer: Byron Corrales

Region: Aranjuez, Matagalpa

Country: Nicaragua

Elevation: 1450 MASL


A few years ago, coffee producer Byron Corrales witnessed a transition of machinese replacing workers, predominantly women, at the process mills. He decided he would create jobs for them.


Natural processing is expensive for the producer because it is labour intensive, requiring meticulous attention, and this is why Don Byron chose to switch over some of his production to natural processing, to provide employment for the women workers.

Don Byron's wish is for the end consumers to appreciate the energy required to produce coffee - energy from the Sun, water, nature, and the hands caring for it.

Nicaragua Finca Los Pinos (notes: cranberry, jujube, stone fruit)

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