Variety: Laurina

Process: Low Temperature Anaerobic Natural

Producer: Mierisch Family

Farm: La Escondida

Region: Jinotega

Country: Nicaragua

Elevation: 975 - 1230 MASL


Fermentation Time: 60 hours @ 6C-10C

Drying Method: Sun dried on beds

Drying Time: 32 days


Laurina is a rare natural mutation of the Bourbon variety, characterized by its pointy beans (hence its alternate name Bourbon Pointu. They are beautiful.) It naturally has a lower caffeine content (0.6%) than other Ararica varietals (1.2 - 1.5%), so you can enjoy more coffee!


The Process

It begins with picking only optimally ripe and blood red cherries. The floated and rinsed whole cherries are placed into airtight juice barrels, and the oxygen inside is then evacuated by vacuum. The barrels are then filled 3/4 of the way with water, while a valve allows carbon dioxide produced during fermentation to escape. The barrels are kept in a room between 6C and 10C to ferment for 60 hours.


After the cold anaerobic fermentation, the cherries are spread out as a thin layer and sundried for 2 days, while being moved 3-4 times a day. The cherries are then moved to finish drying on African beds in a greenhouse for 30 days.


Compared to washed and honey processes of the same coffee in the past, this year's cold anaerobic natural process of the Laurina produced a cleaner cup, with a more delicate acidity. We identified notes of Golden Kiwi, Hami Melon (similar to cantaloupe but more refreshing), and Hazelnut.


This is a very special, unique, rare, and "super tasty" coffee. It is one of the first feature coffees on our Sunday Tasting menu, which we truly enjoy as a 1x1 (split espresso / espresso x milk) and as Pure Coffee Hand Brew. The cup quality is superb. 

Nicaragua Fincas Mierisch Laurina (notes: Golden Kiwi, Hami Melon, Hazelnut)

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