Give a sustainable gift of 340g feature coffee beans in a reusable zero-waste glass canister by Hario Japan, branded with our very own SxF caffeinated cat. Bring the canister back for refills at 20% off our retail prices of our coffee line-up. This is a gift that has lasting impact!


The feature this month is a wild and complex coffee, Yemen Ahmed Ali Peaberry Natural. We love this Ahmed Ali Ja'adi Peaberry for its vibrant and exotic flavours of Jackfruit (which to us tastes like a tropical mix of pineappe, papaya and dried mango), yet a comfortable and warming feeling with notes of Chamomile, Vanilla, and Fresh Cedar.


More about this coffee:

Variety: Ja'adi

Process: Natural

Producer: Ahmed Ali 

Region: Haraz

Country: Yemen

Elevation: 1900-2450 MASL


This coffee comes from Haraz, one of the top cofffee-producing regions in Yemen. This region consists of a range of mountains with amazing mild and cool climate, with natural fresh mountain spring water and rainfall used for irrigation.


Since the 14th century, the eastern part of Haraz has been populated by a small community of farmers who grew fruit and coffee for exporting out of the port of Mokha on the Red Sea. However, by the 15th century, an invasive tree called Qat/Khat (Catha Edulis, chewed like tobacco or used to make tea to produce a feeling of euphoria) led to the removal of many coffee plants from the region, due to farmers switching to grow Qat for the huge local demand and thus great profit.


Wars over the years in Yemen have caused the people to suffer in extreme poverty, but Yemeni coffee, being highly sought after, gives the people hope and a good source of income. In 2004, with the help of local and global support, farmers of Haraz started uprooting Qat and growing coffee again, and this influenced the rest of the country. Haraz is now 100% free from any Qat/Khat tree, and became one of the best coffee producing regions in Yemen.

Reusable Coffee Canister filled with 340g Yemen Ahmed Ali Peaberry

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