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Date: Sunday Dec 15

Time: 1-3pm

Location: Sought x Found Coffee Roasters


The Sip & Slurp Sundays is a series of tasting events where experts of various specialty beverages will share what defines quality in their industry, how it is achieved, and how to discern and appreciate it.


This time, we will be tasting coffee with another perspective and learn about palate training, presented by Jill Hoff, Manager of Quality and Education at Monogram Coffee.


Jill will be taking us through the Specialty Coffee Association's flavour wheel, tasting different foods to build our flavour vocabulary. We will then enjoy a variety of coffee from Monogram and practice describing the tasting notes we find!


More about the Sip & Slurp Sundays:

Learn to discern quality in a world dominated by powerfully persuasive marketing. When we pay attention to our senses and know exactly what we are looking for when we taste, we can all enjoy better food and drinks. We are witnessing an increasingly vibrant food culture in our city. Drinks are still sometimes overlooked as having their individual significance.


The series is the brainchild of ideation sessions between Sought x Found Coffee and David Kim Coffee. We believe specialty beverages are worthy of their own spotlight. In these industries, some will spend a lifetime, and families dedicate for generations after generations, to perfect an art, full of history and expertise. So we decided to reach out to our friends who are industry experts to share their passion and knowledge with everyone in pursuit of quality.

Sip & Slurp Sunday - Coffee Tasting 2 (Sun Dec 15)

  • There is no physical ticket. Please be ready to show your email confirmation of purchase at the event.