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Variety: Jaadi

Process: Natural

Producer: Al Mazarei Al Mohamadia
Farm: Village Al Hutaib

Elevation: 2950 MASL
Region: East Haraz
Origin: Yemen

Notes: Prune Juice, Tangerine, Almond, Chocolate


This unique lot is produced by Al Mohammadiyah in the village of Al Hutaib. Hutaib is the first village to replace Qaat trees with Coffee. It is one of the highest altitudes, and because of its location, it has become a tourist attraction throughout the years. Some call it the village above the clouds. The people of this village are a small community that inherited their farms from ancestors who grew fruits, vegetables, and Coffee. All farms are terraces on mountain edges. However, in the past, due to the local influence of qat consumption, most of them turned to quit growing coffee when the drug invaded Yemen. Later as the community members believed and understood the dangerous impact of Qaat on social and economic aspects, they uprooted Qaat and grew Coffee instead.

This lot resulted from human passion, hard work and the belief that nothing is impossible. The trees in this lot were planted in 2019 and, as a result, were harvested this year 2022. The trees were carefully looked after with continuous care. No fertilizers were ever applied, and the trees remained organic to offer the real fruit taste from the land on which the trees are grown. Once the trees were ready for harvest, the cherries were carefully hand-picked, and the red cherries were selected to prepare this outstanding Coffee. The cherries were carefully processed to remove floaters. They were naturally dried on raised beds while continuously monitoring moisture and turning the cherries to receive equal sunlight during the drying process.


This coffee is amongst the top lots we have ever tasted from Yemen, with a beautiful body on the heavier side, and a tonne of sweetness. This is the result of farmers who care and take pride in their work, who believe in the hope and future offered in the crop.

Yemen Al Mazarei Al Mohammadiyah Natural

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