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Team Building

Let's go on a sensory journey with your team to explore and rediscover the interplay of our individual perceptions, and in turn better communicate and understand our differences.

We will apply concepts from mindfulness training to 

communicate andunderstand differences, interplay of our perceptions

borrow and apply concepts from mindfulness training to prepare ourselves to experience the world more intimately.

The sensory workshop will 

- sensory activity

- work on focus

- communication

- team dynamics

- coffee knowledge

focus not only on our individual perceptions of our surroundings, but also how we integrate into the external environment.


express our view of the world

find our common language

Through various sensory exercises, you will 

drawing concepts from mindfulness 

Group size: 6 - 12

Duration: 2 hours

Price: $35 p.p. + optional lunch catered from our local restaurant partners

24 hour access

Fully Equiped

Up to 15 Number

of People


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