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  • Ethiopia Sidama Wayicho Double Washed 

       Earl Grey, Lemon, Black Currant 

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Variety: Heirlooms

Process: Traditional Double Washed

Elevation: 1600-1800 MASL​

Producer: Smallholder Farmers organized around the Wayicho Cooperative

Certification: Organic

Region: Wayicho district, Sidama Zone

Origin: Ethiopia

Farmers in this area are truly smallholders, averaging less than one hectare of coffee cultivation each, in which they also produce vegetables for the household and local sale. 

The formation of cooperative unions in Ethiopia allowed for voting power and higher farm returns from the direct exportation that unions can undertake. Certifications, easily earned through the longtime organic methods of Ethiopia’s smallholders and a conscious business plan, could be secured for price protection and marketing purposes, helping vast populations of smallholders gain small but meaningful leverage in the global marketplace that remains to this day.

  • Mexico Finca Chelin Peaberry Geisha Hydronatural Natural

       Gardenia, Kumquat, Dill, Raisin, Honey

Variety: Peaberry Gesha

Process: Hydronatural Natural

Elevation: 1650 MASL​

Producer: Enrique Lopez

Farm: Finca Chelin

Region: Candelaria, Loxicha, Oaxaca

Origin: Mexico

Considered a pioneer in processing methods, always pushing the boundaries of coffee experimentation. With more than 20 different post-harvest processes, Enrique López is one of the greatest experimental coffee farmers in México, growing coffee in the Sierra Madre Sur of Oaxaca.

With the vision of producing the best Mexican Coffee in an environmentally friendly manner, Finca Chelin is a carbon-neutral farm, leading as a climate-smart coffee. Always working towards memorable coffees, Enrique has won international recognition due to his agro-ecological practices in full respect for nature. On average, it saves 7000 tonnes of carbon each year. And with over 180 trees per hectare, the
practices at Finca Chelin are organic and bird friendly.

In the Hydronatural Natural process, picked cherries are rested overnight, then sundried on patio for 2 days direct, 1 day under mesh. The cherries are then rehydrated in a tank, and taken for sundrying again for 3 days direct, and 25 days with UV protector.

  • Colombia 2x Carbonic Galaxy Hop-Mossto Honey Geisha 

       Ginger, Limoncello, Pine


Variety: Gesha
Process: Honey Process, with Double Carbonic Galaxy Hop-Mossto Fermentation
Producer: Edwin Norena
Farm: Finca Campo Hermoso

Elevation: 1600 MASL
Region: Circasia municipality, Quindio department
Origin: Colombia

Edwin Noreña is the farmer and inheritor of Finca Campo Hermoso, following three prior generations. Edwin’s contribution to the family legacy would be to convert the farm into a specialty coffee powerhouse, with a specific focus on fermentation technique and cultivar selection. Noreña is an agroindustrial engineer by trade with graduate-level studies in biotechnology and is well-connected and highly aspirational coffee producer who focuses on cultivating carefully curated varieties paired with precise processing methods, designed to express the most surprising, memorable, and delicious coffees possible within his resources. Finca Campo Hermoso concentrates on growing cultivars far apart from the nationally-distributed hybrids of Castillo or Colombia, or the traditional Caturra. Instead the farm has in production Pink and Yellow Bourbon, Sidra, Gesha, and Cenicafe 1.

In this double carbonic galaxy hop mossto honey process, after picking, the cherries soak underwater for an hour. Primary fermentation takes 72 hours and occurs in whole cherry, in a sealed tank. The coffee is then pulped and set for secondary fermentation for 96 hours, infused with the mossto from the first fermentation (Mossto, or “must,” is used here to indicate the runoff of a prior fermentation batch). This mossto is infused with Galaxy Hops, and is recirculated every twenty-four hours for a total of four days in secondary maceration. This fermented “honey” coffee is then taken to raised beds to dry for 22 days, and stabilized in a humidty-controlled warehouse for 8 days. The result is a highly amplified flavor profile, with extreme floral notes, bombastic dark fruit tones, and an incredible sweetness.




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