Seeking to add more excitement to your morning routine? Or to start the day of adventure with some intriguing and mesmerizing flavours? This collection of coffees consists of rare varietals, new and experimental processes, and some of the most interesting character we come across. Experience the uncharted territories with your palate!


*This collection will be a mix of current and new offerings from our Exquisite Lineup, a curated selection every month.


Pick the number of Bags (227g each) and number of Varieties for your monthly subscription.

(e.g. 3 bags, 1 variety = 3 bags of same coffee; 4 bags, 2 varieties = 2 bags each of 2 different coffees)

STORM CHASE - Exquisite Lineup

Price Options
Monthly Subscription
C$70.00every month until canceled
  • Subcription orders will be fulfilled within 4 days of payment processing (to account for weekend/holiday) until subscription is cancelled.