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Variety: Pink Bourbon

Process: Natural, 36hr fermentation

Drying: 25 days raised beds, 7 days patio

Elevation: 1100 - 1300 MASL​

Farm: Fazenda Um

Producer: Um family

Region: Espirito Santo

Origin: Brazil

Notes: Yellow Floral, Stewed Pear, Hazelnut


Fazenda Um started as a retirement dream for second generation Brazilian Korean, Stefano Um, from an abandoned farm. Now with the hardwork of his sons, Boram (2023 World Barista Champion) and Garam (2023 World Brewers Cup Third Place), we have an exceptional representation of Brazilian coffee of high quality, traceability, with experimental growing and processing techniques. 


In June 2023, Boram became the 23rd World Barista Champion and first ever from Brazil, first ever to win using a coffee produced on their family farm, and this is Pink Bourbon is the coffee featured in his WBC finals.

We enjoy this Pink Bourbon for its easygoing character, low in acidity, and achieving refinement with comfortable notes of Yellow Floral, Stewed Pear, and Hazelnut.

Brazil Fazenda Um Pink Bourbon Natural

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