Varietal: Yellow and Red Colombia

Process: Washed

Drying Method: Patio

Drying Time: 9 days


Producer: Wilson Rosero

Region: Arboleda, Nariño

Country: Colombia

Elevation: 1900 MASL


Wilson Rosero's farm is near the town of Arboleda, which is located in one of the most dangerous parts of Nariño. Illicit crops like coca are common with violence, corruption, and intimidation, an unfortunate reality of this area.


A brave group of farmers like Wilson continue to grow coffee in spite of this difficult circumstance. This is the second year that Wilson's coffee has been separated as a microlot, and our second year featuring it! This a great terroir-driven coffee with notes of Starfruit, Orange, and Dark Honey.


This coffee is sweet and silky, and suitable for any mood. We always love a clean, unique, and fruity coffee from these higher elevations in Colombia. 

Colombia Wilson Rosero (notes: Starfruit, Orange, Dark Honey)

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