This collection of coffees is unique yet approachable in character and ready to be part of your daily routine no matter what kind of coffee drinker you consider yourself to be. If you need those "go-to" coffees for the groggy, indecisive, and "just caffeinate me!" kinda mornings, this will give you the reliable and high quality cup to fuel you throughout the day.


*This collection may be a mix of current and new offerings from our Essential Lineup, a curated selection every month.


Pick the number of Bags (227g) and number of Varieties for your monthly subscription.

(e.g. 3 bags, 1 variety = 3 bags of same coffee; 4 bags, 2 varieties = 2 bags each of 2 different coffees)

SMOOTH SAIL - Essential Lineup

Price Options
Monthly Subscription
C$40.00monthly/ auto-renew
  • Subcription orders will be fulfilled within 4 days of payment processing (to account for weekend/holiday) until subscription is cancelled.

    The Delivery Time Range will be communicated one day in advance via email. There will one (1) delivery attempt. Please ensure someone is home to receive, or your order will delivered according to the Safe Drop instruction provided.

    If you cannot provide a Safe Drop location for your address, and no one is present at the time of delivery to receive, your order will be brought back to SxF shop for Pick-Up during business hours.

  • Cancel anytime. There are no extra fees for cancelling. If you cancel the subscription on or after the order processing date*, your order will be fulfilled for that month and cancellation will take effect in the following month.

    If you would like to pause your subscription for any given month, you may cancel the subscription before the order processing date*. Sign up again when you would like to resume**. 

    If you do not wish to cancel, you may contact us for the following 2 options:

    1. Have someone else pick up the order of the month instead of you. Please provide name and contact of the individual picking up your order.

    2. Alter the shipping address for your order for the month(s) you would like the change to take effect. Delivery and Shipping fees may apply. It will be calculated and sent to you in the form of online invoice. Confirmation of address, duration and payment must be received before the change will take effect.

    *No refund will be issued after the payment for the subscription of the month has been processed. 

    **Upon cancellation, all discounts offered at initial sign up will be cancelled. 

Flat Rate Local Delivery ($5) in Calgary, AB |   Flat Rate Shipping ($15) within Canada