This collection of coffees is unique yet approachable in character and ready to be part of your daily routine no matter what kind of coffee drinker you consider yourself to be. If you need those "go-to" coffees for the groggy, indecisive, and "just caffeinate me!" kinda mornings, this will give you the reliable and high quality cup to fuel you throughout the day.


*This collection may be a mix of current and new offerings from our Essential Lineup, a curated selection every month.


Pick the number of Bags (227g) and number of Varieties for your monthly subscription.

(e.g. 3 bags, 1 variety = 3 bags of same coffee; 4 bags, 2 varieties = 2 bags each of 2 different coffees)

SMOOTH SAIL - Essential Lineup

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Monthly Subscription
C$40.00every month until canceled