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Variety: Sidra

Process: Natural

Elevation: 1600 MASL​

Farm: Finca Agroloja

Producer: Angel Reyes

Region: Malacatos, Loja

Origin: Ecuador

Notes: Hibiscus, Watermelon, Prune, Raisin, Vanilla, Cinnamon


Ecuador is known for immense biodiversity, and Angel Reyes has maintained this throughout Finca Agroloja, intercropping coffee plants with others such as orange, lemon, mango, avocado, banana, plantain and yuca.


Angel comes from a coffee producing family with long line of tradition in the practice, well known for producing high altitude coffee in the province of El Oro, with exquisite aroma and flavour. The coffees of Agroloja carry this tradition and create refinement in the cup! Situated in Malacatos, known as the "Valley of the Eternal Spring", Finca Agroloja is fully worked by hand, employing locals providing security and well-paid opportunity, contributing to the economics of the local area. 

With constant research and education going into processing and agronomic practices, Angel continues to elevate the cup profile of his coffees and find pathways into further local and international markets!

This is our exclusive auction winning from Taza Dorada, an Ecuadorian national coffee quality competition, where this coffee won 8th place. This Natural Sidra is ultra-sweet, almost to a point of disbelief! It's like chewing into a prune and hit by a high level of sweetness, yet you experience also the red florality of hibiscus, the juiciness and refreshment of a watermelon, and end with a cinnamon bun-like combination of raisin, vanilla, and cinnamon notes.

Ecuador Angel Reyes Sidra Natural Auction Lot - Taza Dorada 8th Place

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