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Variety:Batian, SL34, SL28, Ruiru 11

Process: Double Washed

Fermentation: 16-24 hours

Second Wash Soaking: 16-18 hours

Drying: Raised Beds, 21 Days

Elevation: 1650 MASL​

Producer: Rungeto FCS, smallholder farmers around Karimikui Washing Station

Region: Kirinyaga

Origin: Kenya


The Karimikui factory is located at a high altitude where tea is more commonly grown, but the nutrient-dense soil makes the surrounding Rungeto FCS known for producing some of the highest performing lots in Kenya. The smallholder farms deliver ripe cherries to this station every year, where the factory team manually sorts them before production. Selected cherries are depulped, graded, and undergo dry fermentation in tanks. Then they are washed in clean channels, with a period of soaking (second wash) for further flavour development, and placed on raised beds to dry.

We always love a cup of immaculately processed Kenyan coffee for its vibrant juiciness, yet balanced and justified by an intense sweetness. It is perfect to be enjoyed in all brewing methods.


This is the second harvest we brought in, this year's proved even sweeter, with a great balance between the mango note and some purple fruit notes of blackberry and black currant.

Kenya Rungeto Karimikui AA Washed

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