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Designed for the Explorer, or Neophile, this box contains ONLY our new releases! You will be amongst the first ones to taste the diverse range of the most exotic coffees, as well as our daily favourites.



The monthly collection includes 3 x 227g of Monthly New Coffees curated by us, some of which may be subsciption-exclusive.


These coffees intend to showcase different processing methods, including experimental methods that producers employ to advance their quality; Coffees varietals; Coffees of wildly different and unique character; and Coffees traceable to producers (and sometimes specific lots) from origins we may not regularly feature coffee from.


This is our continuous search for very special and tasty coffees, and the stories behind them. We wish to share this journey with you!


The 6 bags option consists of 2 sets of 3 different coffees. Enjoy the group discount if you have more than 1 coffee-drinker in the household. Great coffees need to be shared!


Please read additional information for further details.

WAYFIND - New Releases

Price Options
Monthly Subscription
C$75.00every month until canceled