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  • Ethiopia Hirut Shallo Organic Natural

       Nectarine, Iced Lemon Tea, Jasmine, Milk Chocolate

      Now Available Daily!


Variety: Heirloom 74112 & 74148

Process: Natural

Drying: Raised Beds

Elevation: 2000-2100 MASL​

Producer: Hirut Shallo

Region: Yirgacheffe Woreda, Gedeo Zone

Origin: Ethiopia

This is a single-farm natural coffee produced by Hirut Shallo on her 5.2-hectare farm in Yirgacheffe, Gedeo, Ethiopia. It’s incredibly floral, immaculately clean, and delicately fruited with notes of nectarine and peach. 

5.2 hectares is considered very large for this area, where half a hectare is the norm. The vast majority of coffee processing in Ethiopia for the regular small farms is centralized due to complete lack of infrastructure or efficiencies at the farm level, but larger plots like Hirut’s allow for greater personal control, hence achieving very high quality. This lot is Hirut’s entire specialty crop, harvested with the assistance of about 7 workers, sorted for consistency, and sundried on her property on raised beds for about three weeks. 

  • Timor-Leste Ducurai CBS Farmgate Organic Washed

       Red Apple, Black Cherry, Caramel, Dark Chocolate

Variety: Timor hybrid, Typica 

Process: Washed, Home-Processed in early stages

Producer: 14 smallholder farmers organized around Cafe Brisa Serena

Elevation: 1300 - 1500 masl
Region: Haupu Village, Ducurai Village,  
Origin: Timor-Leste (East Timor, an island nation in the Pacific, Near Indonesia and Papua New Guinea)

This is a traditional home-processed coffee from Ducurai, Timor-Leste, produced by 14 smallholders in the Haupu Village, in association with Café Brisa Serena. It is certified organic and has farmgate transparency. The flavor profile is clean and easy to appreciate, with dominant notes of sugar browning and caramel.

Microlots like this one benefit enormously from the infrastructure and support provided by export groups such as Café Brisa Serena. In addition to general support, marketing, and sales functions, CBS facilitates final processing, which could otherwise be prohibitively expensive and/or complex. Good post-harvest practices and dry milling put the coffee in great shape for shipping, storage, and roasting.

Being a small island nation in the Pacific, Timor-Leste is such an exciting, little-known origin that birthed the Timor hybrid. The Timor Hybrid is the tiny island’s iconic contribution to coffee genetics. After the rust epidemic of the late 19th century, robusta trees were introduced to Pacific Island plots, and on the island of Timor, robusta and arabica spontaneously hybridized against all odds. The result is a hardy plant that’s used as a baseline for breeding resistant varieties. Rarely included in specialty arabica exports on its own, here it shines, grown on the terroir on which it evolved, under the careful cultivation of a small group of farmers in Haupu.

  • Ecuador La Papaya B7 Carbonic Macerated Washed

       Fresh Pineapple, Red Grape, Rum Chocolate


Variety: B7

Process: Carbonic Macerated Washed

Drying time: 11 days in a controlled temperature drying room (8°C to 22°C)
Producer: Juan Peña

Farm: Hacienda La Papaya

Altitude: 2000 masl
Region: Saraguro, Loja

Origin: Ecuador

Juan Peña is one of Ecuador's most famous specialty coffee producers. He has been recognized for many top producer awards in Ecuador and throughout the world. His coffee has also been featured in many Barista Competitions.


Juan grows many varieties of coffee at La Papaya, including the notable Typica, Sidra, and Gesha. This B7 is a new variety of coffee that naturally mutated at Hacienda La Papaya and was discovered as a field crossing of Typica, Caturra, Pacas, and San Salvador. The name B7 comes from 'Block 7', the location on the farm where this variety was identified.


This is the second season we feature the CM washed B7 from La Papaya, and Juan has undoubtedly built upon his knowledge and experience on the CM technique, making this harvest even more fruity, yet retaining the body and cleanliness of the final cup!

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