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  • Colombia Frank Torres Colombia Washed

       Orange, Pear, Molasses

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Variety: Colombia

Process: Washed

Fermentation: 60 hr

Drying: 10-12 days, mesh-lined patios

Producer: Frank Torres

Farm: La Indonesia

Altitude: 1750 masl
Region: Narino, La Union

Origin: Colombia

Frank Torres is one of the coffee producers we have been bringing in coffees from through the years, featuring various varieties and processes.


Thanks to the efforts of farmers like Frank, this area has been transformed from one of illicit trade and violence, into a resilient community dedicated to growing specialty coffee.

This farm is a Torres family inheritance known for exceptional coffee production for over 40 years. Frank has inherited a part of this farm and is in charge of overseeing all processing and farming practices. He is a Q grader who has been passionate about coffee ever since he was young. He started his coffee career by working for a Starbucks' specialty coffee program, as well as a green coffee buyer for exporters and importers. This network of experience has helped him push the boundaries of processing, making his farm one of the most unique and innovative in Colombia. His continuous efforts to improve farming practices has helped him turn 90% of his farm organic as way to preserve soil conditions and protect his crops from plague and devastation.

  • Costa Rica Alejo Castro SL-28 Yellow Honey

       Honeydew Melon, Dragonfruit, Golden Berry, Chestnut

Variety: SL-28

Process: Yellow Honey

Drying: Patio, 9 days
Producer: Alejo Castro Kahle
Farm: Volcan Azul

Elevation: 1650 MASL
Region: West Valley
Origin: Costa Rica

Alejo's ancestors planted some of the first coffee plantations in Costa Rica in the early 1900s with the aim to produce the best coffee in the world. With over 200 years of family tradition in trading specialty coffee, Alejo's mission for the farm has been exclusively focused on improving coffee quality while making a positive impact on the environment. The highly fertile volcanic soil combined with the mill's impeccable processing methods have produced a history of award-winning coffees.

This SL-28 was planted with seeds from Alejo's friends in Kenya, growing on Costa Rican soil. This was a result of Alejo's passion for growth by introducing new varieties on his family farm, though originally met with resistance from his father. Now Alejo has proved his risk-taking a success and a blessing to our coffee world.


We hope you enjoy this delicate and silky coffee, coming from a passionate producer family.

The yellow honey process:

“First, we control ripe or over dried cherries by separating them in a screen and then select the ones who will get pulped by  pressuring them against a centrifuge. Then we use a mechanical washer to wash 50% of the mucilage from the bean. The beans will then be taken to the drying patio or raised beds where they are stirred each day from 8am to 2pm. At 2 pm we start covering the coffee with plastic, so we maintain it warm during the night and prevent it from gaining humidity from the mist we normally have during the early morning. This process will take between 7 and 11 days depending on the weather. We can also pre-dry the coffee in the “patio” or raised beds and then give the final percentage of humidity in the mechanical dryers where we use low temperatures. We don't dry it continuously to give the coffee a chance to rest and slowly bring the humidity out of the center of the bean.”

  • Nicaragua Luis Rubio CM Natural +240hr

       Pomegranate, Red Apple, Walnut, Chocolate


Variety: Caturra + Catuai

Process: Carbonic Macerated Natural with Extended Fermentation +240hr

Drying: Sun Dried on Beds
Producer: Luis Rubio
Farm: El Jardin

Elevation: 1200 MASL
Region: Dipilto, Nueva Segovia
Origin: Nicaragua

Luis Fernando Rubio is a young and innovative coffee producer who invested in himself and vertically integrated the value chain of his coffee on his finca El Jardin. Luis has spent many hours doing research and development along with practical trial and error to conceptualize and optimize unique coffee processes with distinct and exceptional flavor profiles.
Finca El Jardin is situated in the mountains of Dipilto in Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua. The farm has 4 manzanas(6.96 acres) of productive land and primarily produces: Red Caturra, Red Catuai and Yellow Catuai. The unique post-harvest processing methods combined with the nutrient rich soil on the farm, synergistically create outstanding coffees with intense flavor.

This coffee has a big red fruit character and a subtle nut aroma as foundation - and still maintain a clean aftertaste!

       Every month, we bring on 3 new coffees in our lineup, serving them on Tasting Menu, which include Flight of 3 Coffees 1 Way, or Flight of 1 Coffee 3 Ways! These coffees are designed each month to broaden our coffee journey, to experience a wide spectrum of flavours that coffee can achieve from its origin, variety, and processes!


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